Aluminium Bending


Curved aluminium windows and door frames are our speciality. Utilising state-of-the-art aluminium bending machinery and years of expertise, Spitfire specialises in the production of expertly-crafted curved, arched and round, or porthole, aluminium windows. Our company excels in manufacturing an array of intricately shaped architectural features.

Curved Aluminium Windows

We use cutting-edge technology to bring your vision to life. We bend aluminium to create one-off curved or angled windows for your home, as well as offering a bending service to larger fabricators of square windows.

Our advanced computer-controlled section bending machines allow us to seamlessly shape and curve aluminium, enabling us to create an impressive range of circular and curved windows that add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any architectural design.

Our customers are typically; Homeowners who are looking for one or two arched windows for their home, Window Installers requiring a bespoke curved frame for their project, or Fabricators of square aluminium frames, who are in need of an aluminium bending specialist to help with their arched and angled frames. No job it too little or too large for Spitfire. We also manufacture angled aluminium frames, often referred to as a gable end window.

Arched Aluminium Windows

One of our standout offerings is the creation of bespoke arched aluminium windows.

These windows not only infuse a distinctive charm into a building’s aesthetics but also harness the durability and lightweight nature of aluminium. The bending process is meticulously managed by our skilled professionals, ensuring that each curve and circle is executed with utmost precision and attention to detail. Additionally, we specialise in crafting curved top lights for doors which complement the design integrity of any entrance. These curved top lights not only enhance the overall appearance of a door but also allow for an influx of natural light, creating an inviting and well-lit ambiance indoors.

We can create a curved frame in a choice of RAL colours. Slim aluminium shapes are our speciality.

Aluminium Window Bending

Our expertise extends to crafting custom-shaped and circular, port hole windows, which serve as focal points within architectural designs. By seamlessly bending aluminium to create these unique shapes, we help architects and designers push the boundaries of creativity while maintaining the structural integrity and performance expected of aluminium materials. As Aluminium Bending Specialists, we recognise that aluminium is a strong, stable material which allows us to produce a high-quality finish which we are proud of.

We take pride in our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled craftsmen, combined with our advanced technology, ensures that every curved or round aluminium window leaving our facility meets the highest standards of precision and excellence.

We carry stock of a large quantity of aluminium which helps us to achieve an excellent lead time. Depending on the number of arched frames required, we can usually meet a lead time of around four weeks, with delivery throughout the UK. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of curved aluminium windows, top lights for doors, and a range of uniquely shaped architectural features that redefine spaces.

We are aluminium bending specialists and can create perfect curved and arched aluminium windows and door frames for your unique project.


We have been bending profile since 1996 and have mastered the art of producing a perfect round, arched or curved frame.

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