Contemporary Steel-Look Doors with Slim Sightlines

The trend of steel-look single hinged doors, continues to gain in popularity in contemporary home design, seamlessly blending industrial style slim sightlines with the practicalities of modern aluminium. Our Art Deco single hinged doors are strong, durable and energy efficient, making them the perfect choice for use as a Back door or door from the garden into a Utility room.

Unlike traditional heritage steel doors which were single glazed, draughty and prone to rust, our steel-look doors are manufactured from powder-coated aluminium, which is rust and corrosion resistant. Our Steel Look doors are double glazed, with energy efficient glass filled with argon gas and you can choose clear or sandblasted glass.

Our external doors are guaranteed for 10 years, and they require very little maintenance to keep them looking good for many years to come.

Bold, Geometric Designs for your External Door

One of the defining characteristics of steel-look, heritage doors is their sleek design and clean lines, typical of the Art Deco movement. This style is currently on trend and evokes a sense of glamour. Depending on the design you choose, our doors can make a bold, modern statement, with dramatic black sightlines. Or, you can choose a more subtle, classic design to allow your heritage doors to seamlessly integrate into your home décor.

We fit a secure multi-point lock and a sleek, black high-quality handle to our external doors. If you would prefer a contrasting colour scheme, you could choose our antique bronze or brushed satin handle, which enhances the visual impact of the streamlined slim aluminium.

External Single Doors – With Geometric Patterns

Art Deco external doors and fixed screens, with their geometric patterns, combine the practicalities of a high-performance door with a sense of order and sophistication. Every external door is made to bespoke sizes.

Art Deco external doors emphasize symmetry. You decide how many horizontal and vertical aluminium glazing bars you would like to create sharp, angular designs, resulting in a style which is balanced and mirrored on both sides of the door.

Single doors can be made up to 1100mm wide by 2500mm high and double doors up to 2200mm wide by 2500mm high. You can include fixed glazing to either side and above your doors to increase the overall width and height, to allow plenty of natural light into your home.

Powder coated aluminium – for exceptional durability

Our external steel-look doors are made from powder-coated aluminium, which is known for its exceptional durability. The coating creates a robust protective layer that helps prevent corrosion, weathering and other environmental damage. This makes it suitable for external doors. Whilst Black aluminium is the most popular choice for Bauhaus steel-look doors, we can offer a wide range of RAL colours, so you can design a truly bespoke external door for your home.

We don’t just create doors and windows; we craft functional pieces of art.


We are all passionate about quality, value, and design, supported by friendly, timely and efficient service.

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