Steel Look French Doors

Double doors add a sense of scale and elegance to the exterior of the home, creating a grand and inviting entrance. The Art Deco streamlined, balanced design lends itself perfectly to the symmetry of double doors, with matching patterns on both sides, seamlessly blending industrial style slim sightlines with the practicalities of modern living.

Bauhaus Steel-look double doors which lead to a patio, garden, or outdoor living space, create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas and can create a statement feature, adding character and personality to the exterior.

Art Deco Double Doors – Evokes A Sense Of Glamour

One of the defining characteristics of steel-look, heritage double doors is their sleek design and clean lines, typical of the Art Deco movement. This style is currently on trend and evokes a sense of glamour. You can choose how many horizontal or vertical slim glazing bars to include in the design, to make a bold, modern statement in your home.

We fit a secure multi-point lock and a sleek, black high-quality handle to our external doors. If you would prefer a contrasting colour scheme, you could choose our antique bronze handle, which enhances the visual impact of the streamlined slim aluminium.

External Double Doors – Create a Grand Entrance

Double doors with a steel-look, heritage design are aesthetically pleasing and allow plenty of natural light into your home. The symmetry of double doors and larger opening add a sense of scale and elegance to the exterior of the home, making a strong visual statement. They are also highly desirable for homeowners with mobility issues, where wider doors allow easier access between the garden and home.

Our Art Deco double doors can be made up to 2200mm wide by up to 2500mm high. You can include fixed steel-look glazing to either side and above your doors to increase the overall width and height.

Steel-look double doors – Versatile in design

Steel-look double doors are versatile in their design, which ensures that the doors work well in contemporary and traditional homes. Every set of Heritage double doors by Spitfire is made to bespoke sizes and designs, giving you the freedom to create doors which best fit your space and functional needs. You can decide which way the doors open and how many slim aluminium glazing bars you would like to include to create the perfect steel-look, heritage doors for your home.

Our double doors can be made up to 2.5 metres high. If you would like to increase the overall height, we can make a bespoke glazed top light where the glazing bars will line perfectly with your double doors. If you have complete versatility in the design of your door, we can also manufacture curved or arched heritage steel-look frames to create a sense of elegance and style.

Our Art Deco, heritage doors are made of high-quality and luxurious aluminium. You can rest assured that when choosing a black Art Deco door for the outside of your home, the powder-coated aluminium finish will look great for many years to come and will resist fading and UV damage.

We don’t just create doors and windows; we craft functional pieces of art.


We are all passionate about quality, value, and design, supported by friendly, timely and efficient service.

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