Fixed internal glazing by Spitfire makes the perfect room divider. Fixed screens look fabulous both in modern and traditional homes. Art Deco captivated the world with its blending of modern styles and fine craftmanship. At Bauhaus, we proudly revive these influential design concepts using high-specification aluminium.

Our fixed screens are made to bespoke dimensions and designs. You have the freedom to decide how many aluminium horizontal or vertical glazing bars you would like to create your bespoke design. As well as creating individual zones within your home, our fixed screens are ideal in commercial properties and are often chosen to create a glass partition in an office, especially in buildings with an industrial, rustic design.

Standalone fixed internal slimline glazing is a versatile system with a wide range of design possibilities, giving you the freedom to create a room divider or partition from one room to another.

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Bespoke Room Dividers for Your Home

Our internal slimline glazing is often chosen to create a room divider, or partial room divider and can be positioned alongside a single hinged door or a set of double doors.

We can also make a glazed top light, to sit above a set of doors so that your fixed glazing can cover the full height of your aperture.

Fixed internal glazing is available alongside our hinged internal doors

Slim Aluminium Partitions, Perfect for Creating Different Zones within Your Home

Internal fixed glazing with slim aluminium sightlines are fabulous interior design features. They can be made especially for you, to create a partition between rooms, creating different zones whilst maintaining an airy open plan feeling. Our heritage fixed screens are incredibly versatile in their design. They look amazing in contemporary homes, with their slim Georgian style bars and fit in perfectly within industrial, rustic homes.

Fixed Internal Glazing

Steel Look fixed internal glazing and room dividers feature slim aluminium sightlines to closely replicate the Art Deco décor from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Our meticulous attention to detail is a tribute to the Bauhaus architectural movement, where fine arts, crafts, and technology converge. With our high-specification aluminium, you can experience the seamless marriage of craftsmanship and functionality.

We don’t just create doors and windows; we craft functional pieces of art.


We are all passionate about quality, value and design, supported by friendly, timely and efficient service.

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